USA Volleyball NTDP

NTDP Coach Application


To the dedicated coaches of USA Volleyball:

USA Volleyball’s National Team Development Program (NTDP) is accepting coach applications in an effort to formalize a greater NTDP coaches pool. Coach involvement and participation is paramount in our efforts to provide incredible development opportunities for athletes – with that we thank you for your interest and passion.

In order to better maintain an open pathway for athletes and coaches alike, we’re excited to provide this opportunity for coaches to submit applications. Please know that submitting a coaching application here does not guarantee participation in future National Team Development programming – it only guarantees your consideration; roles will be selected by our NTDP and National Team staffs.

Staff and coaching roles you may apply for across varying opportunities include: head coach, assistant coach, tech, and evaluator. These roles must also be filled across various disciplines and age groups which include: indoor boys, beach boys, indoor girls, beach girls, sitting, and beach ParaVolley.

Please see more info on the available NTDP opportunities below.

NTDP Training Series: One of the top philosophies of the NTDP, and a key principle in athlete development, is to have the best athletes train with and against the best. The best way to do that is to host national training programs and events. Starting Summer 2021, the National Team Development Program Training Series (NTDP Training Series) will take place about every 3 months. Having an opportunity to be a part of the quarterly NTDP Training Series is one of the highest achievements an athlete can reach for their birth year, and resultantly the coaches involved at these programs must rise to meet a similar standard. NTDP Training Series events will be offered quarterly in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

Age groups include: U15 and upward for girls, U16 and upward for boys.

NTDP Accelerators: The National Team Development Program Accelerators (NTDP Accelerators) will provide opportunities for clubs and Regional High Performance programs to nominate promising players to receive an invitation to local best vs best training sessions. These sessions will be organized by USAV and run in a manner similar to competitive sessions within the National Team Development Training Program Series (NTDP Training Series). The purpose here is to provide opportunities for “next level” athletes to play with and be challenged against the best athletes in a more localized setting. We envision hosting these monthly and in ways that do not interfere with an athletes’ club or school programs.

Age groups include: U15 and upward for girls, U16 and upward for boys.

To complete your application and be entered into the NTDP coaches pool, please continue to the next page where you will briefly answer a few registration fields. Once you have filled out the registration fields, you will also be asked to submit a personal statement and a coaching resume. Please address in your personal statement why you chose the roles, programs, disciplines, and age groups you would be most interested in assisting with. Please list any relevant experience to these roles in your coaching resume.